Please Dont Let Me Go

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by Lee Herrington

Father, please don’t let me go;
with all I am I pray it’s so.
You drew me near with splintered eye
please don’t allow this love to die,
but to know Your rest has its price
not once, not twice, not even thrice,
but seven times a man must fall
to touch, to hear, to see it all.
So I cried out “I’ll take this pain”
just to turn and fall again,
tossed to and fro with every test
for with blood and sweat we enter rest.
So I take this walk and bare my cross
and into the fire my soul You toss.
So I pray this body You will choose;
my flesh for Christ and His abuse.
So flesh and blood You strip away,
but in You I’ll trust, and this I pray
Your gold and silver You purify
like flesh in fire burned alive
so this battle rages deep within
eyes wide open to grace and sin.
The final wound now I am dead.
No thoughts of flesh within my head,
but to win or lose You decide
for in this temple You reside.
Please don’t let me go!

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