He Who We Hear is Near

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An Original Poem by Georgie Taylor

The palace is ready
His people are keen
Come in King’s daughters
Bring with you the Queen!
The Beloved is here
And there is no fear
In the City of light
Where there is no night
All Earthly things we’ve had
Everything here we’ve seen
From the best and most valued
To the greatest ‘ere been
Not one can compare
Nor can any share
A place beside Him
Where there is no sin
A good name among men
All riches under the sun
These cannot save
Or strengthen to run
Like seeing His face
And receiving His Grace
With which He us chastens
As His day hastens!
We have heard His voice!
Caught a glimpse of His form
Come let us run now
Towards the Day’s Dawn
Our earth He has tilled
And lamps has He filled
Come let’s rejoice!
We are His choice!
Not one stone left standing
No enemy in sight
For He wears the Crown
And His is the Might
All of earth’s kings
Soon they, too, will sing
Saying the sceptre He carries
And we He does marry!
His sweet and clear waters
Flowed down from the mount
As we walked the dry valley
They caused us to shout!
These spoke of His name
Testified of His fame!
And this is our song
To Him victory Belongs!
It is here by His side
With Him as our Head
That we live out His life
Crying tears He does shed
With Him we are One!
And all else is gone!
This is our Praise
Come, Sing to His name!
We’re an army with banners
Not one wall can stand
Come take your station!
And hear His command!
When He says SHOUT,
His Truth will flow out
Like a clarion call
The strong will fall!
His Name will be ours!
And in Zion we’ll dwell
When He’s made all things new
Each lie He has quell’d
Ere we praise His greatness
And attribute our chasteness
To His strength and love
So high above!
Cast away your old clothes
Count it all as dross!
For NOW we have Him
We are no longer lost!
We are His Wife,
And we share His Life
It has oft been told
His Queen wears Gold!
Fine and beautiful
Intricate and strong
Is His perfect covering
Which to His Body belongs
Woven through fine new cloth
Ne’er touched by moth
T’is as we’ve heard
His faithful Word!
So sing one and ALL
Let’s be no longer afraid!
To tell all we know
Of this vessel He’s made
His new perfect love
On whom rests His Dove
That spirit from Him
Sets us free from sin!
Let us walk in this Peace
His place of rest forever
When we have entered
We’re blessed b’yond measure
Then in we who are first
Through we who do thirst
Others, too, will say
Blessed are they!
The fate of all in Adam
Is the dark mount thrown down
Cast in the deep oceans
Filled with men of renown
Yet soon comes their hour
Wherein they, too, will flower
And will worship Him
With Beauty of Holiness within!
We know who you are!
You were here all along
You are He who is,
And this is our song!
You are He who will be
The Almighty!
And you’ve cut our chains
Jesus Reigns!
To us is revealed the words of His song, Hosanna in the highest!

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