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  • ​Understanding Sin Hi Mike, I have this question: What differences lie among these definitions of sin: - All unrighteouness is sin​ ​- 1 Jn 5:17 - Whatever is not of faith​ ​- Rom 14:23 - Not doing well​ ​-​ ​Gen 4:7 - Not doing the good you know how to do​ -​ Jas 4:17 I look forward... [read more]
  • How Is Love Created Within Us? Hi Mike, ​We are going through the "What Is Heaven Study" and didn't get far before we had a question pertaining to the third scriptural reference for Isaiah 66:1. ​We got through the throne and the footstool part, but the last two questions got us thinking about th... [read more]
  • Will Satan and His Angels Be Saved? Hi T____, You ask: "Doesn't the bible say God doesn't help angels (that would include the devil, yes?) The answer is, "No, nowhere does the Bible say that God will not save angels, which are also called "principalities and powers" which are constantly accusing ... [read more]
  • Mike, ​Thanks for answering my questions. Another one I have is, will people like Esau, Adam, Saul and those in Babylon be saved? T____ Hi T____, ​Thank you for your questions. You ask if Esau and Adam, Saul, and those in Babylon will be saved. ​Yes, Esau and Adam, Saul, and all who... [read more]
  • Should We Use The Word 'Church'? Blessings Brother, Mike, I know you are very busy and will only take a moment. As I have been led to read what the Lord had inspired you to write it has been a great blessing. The research into root words and correct translation is important to proper understan... [read more]