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  • Hi Mike, Are you a futurist or a preterist? J____ Hi J____, Thank you for your question, "Are you a futurist or a preterist?"  The answer is that I am neither "a futurist nor a preterist". I have said many times, anyone who is a dispensationalist (futurist) knows only 1/3 of the True ... [read more]
  • ​Understanding Sin Hi Mike, I have this question: What differences lie among these definitions of sin: - All unrighteouness is sin​ ​- 1 Jn 5:17 - Whatever is not of faith​ ​- Rom 14:23 - Not doing well​ ​-​ ​Gen 4:7 - Not doing the good you know how to do​ -​ Jas 4:17 I look forward... [read more]