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Do you ever find yourself trying to understand what you are reading in the Bible, but give up because it's just too confusing, boring, or you can't get a grasp of the King James English? Whether the Bible has always been a deep seated part of your life, or you just have never cared one way or the other, or maybe you just accidentally happened onto this site, WELCOME! We hope you stay awhile and browse around. We're not selling anything, just trying, along with you, to better our understanding of the Holy Scriptures. This site will always be changing, so come back often to see if we have anything that will help you. If you are puzzled about a certain subject with which we have not dealt, please feel free to e-mail us, and we will ask God's guidance to help clear up the puzzle. If you have questions or disagreement with anything we write here, feel free to comment. We are ever learning. We owe allegiance to no man or church group.

On this site you'll find discourses on a variety of subjects that are either commonly misunderstood or misrepresented in the Christian world, as well as material that is simply intended to further reveal the depth and vitality of what our relationship with the Lord should be.

As a starting point, we recommend our Essential Reading section. If you have started to see some of the deeper spiritual truths, these papers will be real eye-openers. From there you can become familiar with the Q & A area, where many oft-asked questions are address with scriptural answers. Feel free to download any of the mp3 audio files and follow along with our bible study.

To compliment your own bible study, we are providing a link to the free e-Sword software. This is a tool that we use every day in our own studies and we find it an invaluable aide.